Cigarettes & Whiskey Songtext
von Broilers

Cigarettes & Whiskey Songtext

One day I was happy, I had a good wife. And I had enough money, yeah, to last me for life. Then I met Judy, we went on a spree, she taught me the smokin? and the drinkin? of whiskey.
Cigarettes and Whiskey and wild, wild, wild women. They? ll drive you crazy, they? ll drive you insane.
Cigarettes are a curse on the whole human race, a man is a monkey with one in his face. Take warning, dear sister, take warning, dear brother, there? s a fire on one end and a sick fuck on the other.
Now, that I'm broken, I'm wary with age, the lines on my face make a well-written page. Write this on my gravestone, write this right on my grave,? To Whiskey and women, here lies a poor slave?.

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