Previously… Songtext
von Brad Paisley

Previously… Songtext

Previously on the grand ole opry theatre...

Hi boys you lookin for these?
Everybody duck

I don't care who we offend
Shoot low boys they're riding shetland ponys

Softer george its more effective
Hurry up they're gaining on us

The kung pao buckaroo campaign...

Where's George?
George Who?
George Jon - you mean no show?
Yeah I guess he's living up to his name
He's no show
We need somebody to take his place

Hey fellas whatda doing? My name's Vince
I understand that you're ah...
Potential looking for ah a...
More cloric friendly ah...
Person for the Kung Pao Mountain Boys
Or whatever the hell you call your band
I like this guy
I think he's in
The grand ole opry theater proudly presents
Bigger Fish to fry
Staring The New
Kung Pao Buckaroos, Now Possum Free

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