Crazy 101 Songtext
von Boosie Badazz

Crazy 101 Songtext

They say that I'm crazy, and sometimes
I feel like I'm crazy
But I know I'm not crazy
And my mistakes don't make me, or break me
They say that I'm crazy, and sometimes
I feel like I'm crazy
But I know I'm not crazy
And my mistakes don't make me, this the way God made me
They say that I'm crazy
Cuz I pistol whipped that nigga for forty minutes, straight
With my shit fuck up your face
Said I was in the court I beat my murder case
They must forgot I'm the reason the whole hood ate
Think I'm crazy and get baptized call me Rambo in that South Side
Straight in school, but in the streets I was baptized
Jail charges back-to-back they like old crazy ass Boosie Boo
If you was facing that needle, you would get loaded too
Business-minded now I'm shining making this shit so real
Can't be crazy I don't got no 360 deal
Rapped about the court system cuz that's how I feel
Do wrong I'll tell you about it, that's how I is
Do that make me crazy? Huh?
I might be
(Boosie look like he on that molly)
Girl I might be
They say I'm crazy cuz I hang round niggas like beef
Nigga I'm country club living, I'm like P
Don't see my other side, so keep on moving
In Louisiana streets I'm like J. Prince in Houston
They say my music make the goons keep goonin
What about the government who don't give us opportunities huh?
I ain't crazy
Label ask my why you wanna name your album that
I'm touching down to cause hell how I answer that
They say I'm crazy for having all these baby mommas
But I was young they was fresh so I raw dogged em
Phone ringing don't even answer that's my dog calling
Some shit I'm trying to look over he ready to off em
Boosie music this the best shit on the market
Can't be crazy I got honor roll sons and daughters
Can't be crazy I ain't never toot my nose with powder
But I done thug round plenty niggas toot they nose with powder
23 hour lockdown, two years of cold showers
Couldn't turn me crazy, and couldn't turn me soft
They try to take my life, but they couldn't take my power
Nobody testified, I know they hate my power
They say she crazy, but fucking with all them baller niggas
Get your money girl, break all them niggas
Shit they ducks anyway
I ain't crazy.

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