Merry Christmas Songtext
von Bonnie Tyler

Merry Christmas Songtext

Merry, merry Christmas
Don′t change kids, stay with us
Stay a little, Jesus
Hold onto my hand
It's not a long way
To fly, you know
Don′t fly in vain
It's so hard, anyway
To become a man

Happy birthday, Christmas
Welcome holy Jesus
Although you reign on us
Who can understand
Why even a child
Learning the truth
Always learns pain?
Why does he have to cry
To become a man?

Help me, Santa Claus
Come close to my heart
All my doors are closed
I can't play my part
I can′t play my part

Wanted Mr Xmas
We want little Jesus
Kids don′t grow up like us
Who could change the plan?
Here comes the darkness
Time to be sad
Here comes the rain
Please don't leave him hopeless
They′ll become a man
They'll become a man
They′ll become a man

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