Return to Dust Songtext
von Bob Mould

Return to Dust Songtext

True blue star: would you stay in my heart?
Or will you fool me once again?

Time to remember and forget the love you gave, the deep regret.
And in the end, return to dust; and in the end, return we must

The verse, the bridge, the one refrain; the turn, the happiness, the pain.
When I am stripped of everything, I have the plainsong left to sing.

What do you want to be? Will you grow up like me?
What do I have to defend? Where will I go in the end?

Growing old, it's hard to be the angry young man.
Turn away. Turn and walk away.

Beyond profane and holy word, a thought profound, but never heard.
With all compassion in your eyes, you cast me downward from the sky.

Feeling the earth moving under my feet, all that was firm is collapsing.
Eyes going blind, all is silent. Peace.

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