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Brain Washing Songtext
von Bob Marley

Brain Washing Songtext

Old Mr. Joe he build a house, yeah
On top of some hill
Old Mr. Joe knew he had to go, so
He got right down and wrote a will
He say now here is to mother hen, and her chicken
Lord have mercy now
Master will you take a roll in the mud
Like he know he should

The old barnyard, the old barnyard, birds and the chick
Who's got to watch out for brother mangoose
With his top hat and walking stick
It's just the poor's brainwashing
They told me a long time gone, it's just the poor's brain washing
Ooh-ee (the old brain washing)
Now look at a thing like this

Cinderella and her long lost fellow, in the midnight hour
She lost her silver slipper
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, while Jack and Jill
Had themselves a fall
It's just the poor (brain washing)
And I don't need it no longer
It's just the poor's brain washing
Coming through to a poor man's child, ooh-ee, look at this
Little Miss Muffet she sat on her tuffet
While Little Red Ridinghood delivered her Grandma's food
Ooh-ee ooh-ee, ooh-ee
Look at one more thing like this
The cow jumping over the moon, while the dish got jealous
He grabbed the hand of the spoon
It's just the poor brain washing, and I don't need it no longer
I don't want it no longer
I don't need it no longer
And I don't care for no more brain washing
It isn't good for my soul...

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