Revealed Fraud Songtext
von Blasphemer

Revealed Fraud Songtext

The only truth
Is the one you
Never believed in
Your god is not dead, was never born
Your god never lived, never existed
You are born, to despair, die in grief
With the worms, your soul will lay
A rotting pile of flesh is what is left of you
Glory won't await beyond the grave
You will cease to exist in any form
No final judgment, no punishment
No holy father, no son
No god will save you
No holy father will avenge your death
None will ease your suffering
No soul will be glorified in the light
No burden, no pain, will be eased from the dying
The epitome of your existence
Shows the fallacy, the fallacy of faith
In the earth you'll remain to decay
No glory, will await, beyond the grave
No glory, will await, beyond the grave
God is not

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