Undeath Songtext
von Black Cult

Undeath Songtext

Life is full of imperfections
While Death has only one
That we shall overcome
Inside the mind of darkness
Grows the labyrinth of the necropath
The knowledge travels along
These routes forlorn
On the quest for the ultimate secrets

There's no turning back
Laid down all the scrolls and conjurments
Witchcraft and incantations
Before that final hour
Those ancient words will echo
The labyrinth of my mind
Must spawn the last explosion

Last step of life
walked in silence
Of uttermost importance
No longer breathing
No longer dreaming
Entering the unexplored state of undeath

I am eternal
I am immortal
I am everything that life is not
Gaze into my darkness
Say farewell to the light

When Ravens gather high
At the tower of my rebirth
You'll witness the undying lord reborn
When all the graves are open wide
And the dead scream my name
In that final hour
You'll know your time has come
to join my legion vast
No memories of death
Only dying
Transgressed are the fears and doubts
Of mortal living men
The soul is trapped in pain

There's no other way to gain
Life eternal, just empty promises
of dying superstitions
While my words transgress true meaning
among the pack of worms you will serve me well
you can hear the voice
Which moves through minds of the damned
March forward
My loyal deathguard
The night is long
So many eyes upon us
We have to seize all those lands
And steal the breath of the living
That once tried to stand on our way
In all the glory of our decay

Let us scream the voiceless prayer

All must follow in undeath
all shall become one in (Un)death

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