Death Song Songtext
von Bhi Bhiman

Death Song Songtext

It is your time to go down
And I hope you have found
All the things that you need.

They call me death as in die
Honey that ain't no lie
Got to harvest the greed.

Just take my cold boney hand
And let's see where you land
But it's not up to me.

You've lived a linear path
And you've avoided my wrath
But now it's time let's go see.

I've widowed billions of grooms
Some go from womb to the tomb
I got to harvest the greed.

Have sat down with your god
Takin' a walk in the clouds?
Now that your interest has peaked.

But I'm just an average guy
My sickle just scraping by
A player tryin' to get paid.
People hate on my style,
No judge no jury no trial
I'm the primial maid yeah.

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