No Sides Songtext
von Bad Books

No Sides Songtext

Draw your five short breaths and pretend it's meditation
Shower head higher power give me patience
Make me nobody's robot make me nobody's slaughtered lamb
Delivery me from evil and open me as best you can.

Playin cracked guitar for the Boston Occupation
Get your blindfold drift aimed and endless destinations
Watch the wake and assembly leave principled righteous lives
With your heartbeat through set cement honored to be here guys.

See it's a slow crawl and a new wave
And if you feel small, don't babe
Whenever you're alone you're not

You wait in line so I can finish conversations
Straighten out the stories and edit out the faces
You're lost in the file when the cashier catches your eye
Summon up a smile, come back to earth and mumble "hi hi hi"

And it's connected on a timeline
It's a circle, no sides
At the same point where it starts it stops.

Out on the back lot you wanted for nothin
You sat with your hands full, the future was open
A dreamt southwestern sky
A moon drenched island night
A new born day awake and alive.

Now it's a nightclub with a guest list
And oh oh, bad news kid
Who ever's gettin in we're not
So let's start up our own just us
Where anything we need, anything we need
Anything we need we've got.

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