Johnny Cope Songtext
von Back of the Moon

Johnny Cope Songtext

Cope sent a chaillenge frae Dunbar
Saying, "Charlie, meet me an' ye daur
An' I'll learn ye the airt o' war
If ye gang tae the coals in the morning"

When Charlie viewed the letter upon
He drew his sword his scabbard from
Sayin', "Gang wi' me, my merry men
And we'll meet Johnny Cope in the morning"

Hey, Johnny Cope, are ye a-waukin' yet?
Or are your drums a-beating yet?
Gin ye were waukin' I wad wait
Tae gang tae the coals in the morning

When Johnny Cope, he heard o' this
He thocht it wadna be amiss
Tae hae a horse in readiness
Tae flee frae the coals in the morning


Well, fie noo, Johnny, get up an' rin
The Heilan bagpipes mak' their din
Ye're best tae sleep in yer ain hale skin
It will be a bloody morning


When Johnny Cope tae Dunbar cam
They speired him, "Whaur's a' yer men?"
"The de'il confound me gin I ken
I left them a' in the morning"

Well, fie noo, Johnny, ye werena blate
Tae come wi' news o' yer ain defeat
And leave yer men in sic a strait
Sae early in the morning


Oh faith, quo' Johnny, I got sic flegs
Frae their claymores and their philabegs
If I face them again, de'il brak my legs
I'll bid ye's a' good morning

(Chorus 2x)

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