Fantasy Boy Songtext
von Baccara

Fantasy Boy Songtext

You are just my fantasy boy
I made you up, you are my toy
And I found you as a dream inside my head
Your eyes are like a mystic dream
The deepest blue I′ve ever seen
You're a mixture of the new man and machine
*Tell me why tell me why you′re so real when I dream.
Don't you know I have to face reality- oh-oh-oh
Fantasy boy, has been my lover, not my toy,
Cause I need to be real to be no fantasy I want to touch and feel.

My fantasy boy come on and step into my life
It's so much harder to survive.
Without your love for me. And take me to eternity
I know some day I′m gonna meet,
Fantasy boy, I feel your heat,
Want to squeeze you, hold you in my arms.
My fantasy boy!
My fantasy boy!Â

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