The Fable Songtext
von Audra Mae

The Fable Songtext

In the cold of the night,
In the forest so still,
He's breathing in time
With a heart that is longing
To run with his own.
But he knows he can't
Run with his own.
Cause he knows that
He left her alone
For some sense of belonging.


In the shadows of fate,
Lying perfectly still,
She looks to the moon
As her tear drops are falling.
She tries to let go.
Knowing well that she'll
Never let go.
Holding on to glimmer of hope
Every night while he's calling.


Silenced by guilt
And the chains of his past,
It's broken his will
'Till he's no longer trying.
How could he know?
She was listening but
How could he know?
From the moment she
Thought he'd let go
She has never stopped crying...


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