Dance Slow Decades Songtext
von Angel Olsen

Dance Slow Decades Songtext

Thought I had a clue
It was passing by
Thought I had an answer
It was just a side
Thought I had a dream once
Don't remember what
Your voice cuts straight through me
Right down to my bones
Like a winter's wind
It knocked out my soul

Thought I had some time here
Left my watch at home
Thought I had ideas once
But they were all on loan
Thought I conquered something
Then it took me down
What I thought I heard clearly
It wasn't sound
Thought I felt your heartbeat
It was just my counting
And to what thoughts will
My life be amounted?

I can hear you crying
And I am crying too
The world might be lying
But so are you

I can see you dancing
If you'd just take the step
You might still have it in you
Give yourself the benefit
And dance slow decades
Toward the sun
Even when you're the only one

Don't look around
It's not right
It's not wrong
Dance because you know the song
I dance because
I know this one

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