Five Guns West Songtext
von Angel City Outcasts

Five Guns West Songtext

it's a shakedown, better hear what i'm saying
get down on your knees and start praying
we're taking everyone inside
westbound, on a the three ten to yuma
downtown, new york to petaluma
you'll see the barrels when it's time
the stars are in your eyes
when you realize

now you know, you've been had
by five guns west
now you know you've been had
we see it in your eyes
and it comes as no surprise
the legend never dies
take the money and run

let go of your girls and your money
let's go, on a move again honey
we're gonna take this town tonight
southbound, headed straight for the border
jail bound, can't disrupt the state of order
can't hold us back we're born to run

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