Bad Bad Love Songtext
von Alexander Ebert

Bad Bad Love Songtext

It was all colors and heat,
And rain falling in the streets,
And bad bad love.

When she asked, "what do you need,"
I said "what do you believe,"
I need bad bad love.

How can I care anymore?
Bring me a love
A bad bad love
Right now
Oh, bad, love, oh!

I went marching though the mall today,
Singing bad bad love.
I went marching through the ghetto today,
Singing bad bad love.

She asked "what is it you need,"
"A love the devil can′t reach,
I need bad bad love."

Our scriptures turned to sand,
Our boy become a man,
With a bad bad love.
Fill me with love,
(Oh) bad, bad, love,
Bad bad love
Right now

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