Glimpses Songtext
von Alexander Ebert

Glimpses Songtext

I found peace, in my way
But it didn′t last, beyond the day
I've had glimpses around the bend
But in the morning, I start again
I feel the sun, hot on my face
And I hear my blood giving way

I′ve had some glimpses around the bend
You know if I didn't, I'd have killed myself today

Now mama I′m so tired, from the bullshit
(Mama yeah yeah)
And my soul cried, from the bullshit
(Mama yeah)
And I′m so tried,
But I know I'll make it with you by my side

Perhaps I′m crazy
Still I'm thinking, there is change in the air
We were trying together
Now we′re trying just to care
Now if we find peace
Oh let it stay
Let it last beyond the day

I've had glimpses of our tomorrow
But Lord if I didn′t I'd kill myself today

Now mama I'm so tried, from the bullshit
Mama yeah, yeah
My soul cried from the bullshit
Mama yeah
I′m so tired
But I know I′ll make it with you by my side

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