Shine On Songtext
von Alcazar

Shine On Songtext

Shine on
Shine among the stars
Heaven sent an angel
The heaven where you are
Shine on
Brighten up the sky
Tell the world I'm coming
I'll follow you up high

Lost on the ocean
Across the raging sea
An angel came desending
An angel sent for me
Silencing the waters
He kept the night at bay
But only moments later
The savior's gone away

Shine on ...

Late in the evening
The company I keep
I walk the road to nowhere
I put myself to sleep
Pray I'll find a savior
Someone to take my hand
And if only for a moment
I can see the promised land

Shine on ...

Pleasures I've been seaking
Where angels fear to go
Treasures I've been hunting
I'll trade them all to know
How could I live beside you
You know how hard I've tried
To get inside your kingdom
The tears that I cried

Shine on
Shine on
Shine on
Shine on

Shine on ... (x 2 and fade)

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