Undefeated Songtext
von Ace Hood

Undefeated Songtext

Don't give a fuck in this moment
I got shit on my mind
Just the testing nigga hard up for a be on the line
Tryina level balance [?]
learn my lesson turn my blessing in a one of a kind
Almost there face to face than anything in my way
Mama told me never let my feelings gettin' away
I'm waking up like out of hell cannot better the day
I gave myself that confirmation why you already [?]
I'm undefeated I feel the genius inside me alive
Took a [?] every why you vision I finally you [?]
You can feel it in every lyric I speak in my rhymes
No competition I'm totally different you fully advise, Ay

Heavy on the [?]
Working my relationship if even not the us
Staking up the money pull some people on the job
Heard some people [?]
I am just another level version of a guy
Taking care my body so it fully get the [?]
I been try my

I'm undefeated (I'm undefeated)
You see this deeper than the rap infect
you got to know you mean it (got to mean it)
Let's understood,
hope you ready when I come undefeated (I'm undefeated)
I took some glows got backup in [?] undefeated
Everytime they kept me out I come back hard I'm undefeated

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