Satisfied Songtext
von 8stops7

Satisfied Songtext

Should I be safe at home
A stronger man who really should know
Better than to reach the edge and
try to fight this on my own

Can I be something I have yet
to see in my close friends
They've all lost their heads
And it's bringing me down
to the place where I'm supposed to... be
Responsibly... for now

I want it, I need it, just one more to Satisfy
Can't help it, feel nothing and nothing feels right

Should I be safe at home
I relapse quicker than you could know
My past compulsions breed convulsions
A sorry scene unfolds

Can I be weak when I'm stable
Strong in the cradle
Strung out in a fable
Where the hero gets saved
I've tried this before
Routines and rewards
What's gonna change


I tried to find, inside, something civilized
Stolen, borrowed, bought
Any remnants of a man
Tookon too much too soon too afraid to fight
Struggled lost and won just to realize that I can't understand

I want it I need it
I want it I need it
Just one more, just one more
Just one more to satisfy
Like nothing will
Like nothing will
Like nothing will
Like nothing will

Puzzled missing pieces
They don't fit in
Cant help it
Feel nothing
Feel nothing

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