Keep Up Songtext
von 070

Keep Up Songtext

Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah

Two is better than one
But I be skipping to three
Say we done forever
High five if you need
Six sins in your twitter
Seven days, seven nights
Put here just like Jesus
Copped an eight for that refer
Cloud nine and my team up
Ben 10 can you keep up?

Ben 10 can you keep up?
I don't think you could keep up
Keep up

I don't think you can keep up
Laid back with my feet up
I smoke Lucy's, no refers
Join the fam, we could team up
What the fuck is your purpose
On this planet, everything's worthless
Team effort, I don't feel you
But you def hit in spirit, yeah
Don't mind me, I'm rhymin' (hmm)
This was all perfect timing (hmm)
I had to get on my grind
It was all about time and we built up the plan, yeah
I walk around in my city
I cop juice and Lucy's, they call me the man, yeah
Don't make me laugh with that weakness (hmm)
If you start playin', I'm leavin' (hmm)
We just stay up in the winter (hmm)
Slept all through my summer, yeah

Slept all through my summer, yeah
Slept all through my summer, yeah
Malick out there sippin' on somethin'
Out the 070 double cup
No, no, bro you can not come in
Too much hate, yeah, not enough love
Nah, it's too many fake niggas all around us
And it's too many shady niggas, not enough sun
It's too many? and not enough doves (?)
Two is better than one
It's really not enough trips (no)
Really dripped in the sauce
'Cause it's really not enough trips (no)
Cops come and we run around them
Run the city, they love to doubt it
Mad man inside of him
Oh, oh, ay
Mad man inside of him
Oh, oh
Mad man inside of him

Mad man, mad man, scary ass hero, all black like I'm batman
I ain't got it on me, put it on my tab man
No busses, either Uber or the cab man
Yeah, huh
We was up late 'til the song comin'
No sleep, you knew what was up
Slavin' those nights 'cause we knew we deserved it
070 put up muscle and hustle
Darkest of dawn and I don't regret nothin'
Hit it from the back, she love it, she comin'
This is persistence, there's no givin' up
If you stuck hatin' still, wish you good luck
I see right through you, I'm callin' that bluff
We ain't give up when the going get tough
We just got tougher and kept that shit going
You gon' stay down while the team keep on blowin'
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Ben 10 can you keep up?
I don't think you could keep up

(This was produced by Razsy Beats!)

Ben 10 can you keep up?
Ben 10 can you keep up?

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