1. Arbitrary / Hitch / Nothing / Title / Untitled/ FM
  2. Cybill Shepherd/PTSD From Pronouns/Anyone Whose Job Involves Writing About Teenage Celebrities Should Be Killed/Just Friends*/After Watching Five Seconds Of The View I Then Decided Women Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote/There's No Deceit In The Cauliflowe ...
  3. Neighbor / Worth / Hodges / Congratulatory Garbage Fire
  4. I'm Sorry Someone Misgendered You / Shut Up, You Self Flagellating Fucking Whiny Loser / You Probably Have Nothing To Complain About, You're Just An Asshole / And Also An Ingrate
  5. Untitled
  6. The Ideal Job For You Is Chartered Accountancy Pt. 1/The Big Cheese Gets His At Low Tide Tonight/I Hear The Gooseberries Are Doing Well This Year And So Are The Mangoes/The Larch/Promise You'll Tell Us About Pointed Sticks/How To Not Be Seen/Alright,W ...
  7. Rupture of Sorts / Substandard Pt. I / Soft Meat (Reeking Cross Cover) / Substandard Pt. II / Prehistoric Dentistry
  8. Everything You Care About Is Stupid / There's No Such Thing As "Toxic Masculinity" That's Just A Word Made Up By Some Dyke Bitch / Chalk At A College Campus Like Fucking Normandy Beach / Your Feelings Are Dumb / You're Emotionally Crippled / I'm Also ...
  9. Your Favorite Album Is Kind Of Blue / Eric Went Out To Lunch / 9-9-78 / Fairly Disillusioned / A Short Summary Of The Modern World / Versa / All Of Me*
  10. Inbreeding of Garbage Culture / Dirge / Len Cantrow / Hollywood Asshole / Race Baiter / Counterproductive Good Intentions / Intersectional Nonsense / Karakorum / Another Exercise In Schlock Music / Fragments / Barren Womb
  11. S432D / S203 / SR7225
  12. Stocks / Cangue / Stilted / Can't


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