Gründung 1963


Clarke, Hicks & Nash Years: The Complete Hollies April 1963 - October 1968 (Compilation)

  1. Whole World Over (mono)
  2. (Ain't That) Just Like Me (mono)
  3. Hey What's Wrong With Me (mono)
  4. Now's The Time (mono)
  5. Little Lover
  6. Zip A Dee Do Dah (mono)
  7. I Understand
  8. Searchin'
  9. Stay (mono)
  10. Poison Ivy (mono)
  11. Memphis
  12. Talkin' About You
  13. It's Only Make Believe
  14. Lucille
  15. Baby Don't Cry
  16. Do You Love Me
  17. Mr. Moonlight
  18. You Better Move On
  19. Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It
  20. What Kind of Girl Are You
  21. Rockin' Robin
  22. Keep Off That Friend Of Mine (mono)
  23. Just One Look Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - Just One Look
  24. Candy Man
  25. When I'm Not There (mono)
  26. What Kind of Love (mono)
  27. Here I Go Again
  28. Baby That's All (mono)
  1. Time for Love
  2. Don't You Know
  3. You'll Be Mine
  4. It's In Her Kiss
  5. Come on Home
  6. Too Much Monkey Business
  7. I Thought of You Last Night
  8. Come On Back
  9. Set Me free
  10. Please Don't Feel Too Bad
  11. What Kind of Boy
  12. We're Through (Alternative Arrangement)
  13. We're Through
  14. To You My Love
  15. Nitty Gritty/Something's Got a Hold On Me
  16. Put Yourself In My Place
  17. She Said Yeah
  18. Yes I Will (alternate version)
  19. When I Come Home to You
  20. Nobody
  21. You Know He Did
  22. Yes I Will
  23. Mickey's Monkey
  24. That's My Desire
  25. Very Last Day
  26. Honey And Wine
  1. Listen Here to Me (mono)
  2. So Lonely (mono)
  3. Bring Back Your Love to Me (mono)
  4. I'm Alive
  5. Look Through Any Window
  6. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (mono)
  7. You Must Believe Me (mono)
  8. Little Bitty Pretty One (mono)
  9. Down the Line (mono)
  10. Fortune Teller (mono)
  11. Too Many People (mono)
  12. So Lonely (mono)
  13. I've Been Wrong (mono)
  14. Stewball (mono)
  15. She Gives Me Everything I Want
  16. I Can't Get Nowhere With You
  17. I've Got A Way Of My Own
  18. You in My Arms
  19. Don't Ever Think About Changing
  20. If I Needed Someone
  21. Running Through The Night
  22. Don't You Even Care (What's Gonna Happen to Me) (mono)
  23. I Can't Let Go (mono)
  24. Oriental Sadness (mono)
  25. Stewball (French version)
  26. Look Through Any Window (French version)
  27. You Know He Did (French version)
  28. We're Through (French version)
  1. I Take what I want (mono)
  2. Hard, Hard Year (mono)
  3. A Taste of Honey
  4. That's How Strong My Love Is (mono)
  5. Take Your Time (mono)
  6. Fifi the Flea (mono)
  7. Sweet Little Sixteen (mono)
  8. I Am A Rock (mono)
  9. After the Fox
  10. Don't Run And Hide
  11. Bus Stop Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - Bus Stop
  12. Peculiar Situation
  13. Suspicious Look in Your Eyes
  14. Stop Stop Stop
  15. Tell Me to My Face
  16. Pay You Back With Interest
  17. Clown
  18. It's You
  19. Crusader
  20. What's Wrong With the Way I Live
  21. What Went Wrong
  22. High Classed
  23. All The World Is Love (mono)
  24. When Your Light Turned On
  25. Have You Ever Loved Somebody? (Mono)
  26. Non prego per me
  27. Devi Aver Fiducia in Me
  1. Lullaby To Tim (mono)
  2. On a Carousel
  3. We're Alive
  4. Kill Me Quick
  5. Leave Me (Mono)
  6. The Games We Play (Mono)
  7. Schoolgirl
  8. Rain on the Window (Mono)
  9. Then the Heartaches Begin (Mono)
  10. Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe
  11. You Need Love (Mono)
  12. Stop Right There (Mono)
  13. Water on the Brain (Mono)
  14. Heading for a Fall (Mono)
  15. Carrie Anne Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - Carrie Anne
  16. Signs That Will Never Change
  17. King Midas in Reverse Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - King Midas in Reverse
  18. Try It
  19. Everything Is Sunshine
  20. WishYouAWish
  21. Postcard
  22. Step Inside
  23. Pegasus
  24. Dear Eloise
  1. Elevated Observations
  2. Would You Believe
  3. Away Away Away
  4. Charlie and Fred
  5. Butterfly
  6. Maker
  7. Open Up Your Eyes
  8. Wings
  9. Jennifer Eccles Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - Jennifer Eccles
  10. Tomorrow When It Comes
  11. Relax
  12. Do the Best You Can
  13. Like Every Time Before
  14. Man With No Expression (Horses Through a Rainstorm)
  15. Blowin' in the Wind
  16. A Taste of Honey
  17. Listen to Me
  18. Stop Stop Stop (live at Lewisham Odeon)
  19. Look Through Any Window (live at Lewisham Odeon)
  20. The Times They Are a Changin' (live at Lewisham Odeon)
  21. On a Carousel (live at Lewisham Odeon)
  22. King Midas in Reverse (live at Lewisham Odeon) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - King Midas in Reverse
  23. Butterfly (live at Lewisham Odeon)
  24. Jennifer Eccles (live at Lewisham Odeon) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - Jennifer Eccles
  25. Carrie Anne (live at Lewisham Odeon) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Hollies - Carrie Anne


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