The BBC Sessions (Live)


Anthology 1966–1972 (Compilation)

  1. You're the One I Need
  2. I Can't Hear You No More
  3. Is It True
  4. Respectable
  5. Night of Fear (alternate version)
  6. Disturbance (undubbed alternate version)
  7. I Can Hear the Grass Grow (full-length version)
  8. Move
  9. Wave the Flag and Stop the Train
  10. (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (stereo)
  11. Flowers & Lemon Tea (Tony Visconti Talks to the Players...)
  12. Flowers in the Rain
  13. Cherry Blossom Clinic (enhanced stereo)
  14. Vote for Me (mono)
  15. Fire Brigade (early piano version; rough mix)
  16. Useless Information
  17. Yellow Rainbow (enhanced stereo)
  18. Kilroy Was Here (enhanced stereo)
  19. Fire Brigade
  20. The Girl Outside (alternate take)
  21. Mist on a Monday Morning (enhanced stereo)
  22. Flowers in the Rain (acoustic version; rough mix)
  23. Simple Simon (take 6 backing track; rough mix)
  1. Move Bolero (live)
  2. It'll Be Me (live)
  3. Too Much in Love (live)
  4. Flowers in the Rain (live)
  5. Fire Brigade (live)
  6. Stephanie Knows Who (live)
  7. Something Else (live)
  8. So You Want to Be a Rock'n'Roll Star (live)
  9. The Price of Love (live)
  10. Piece of My Heart (live)
  11. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (live)
  12. Sunshine Help Me (live)
  1. Somethin' Else (EP version)
  2. Sunshine Help Me (EP version)
  3. Wild Tiger Woman (UK single edit)
  4. Omnibus (enhanced stereo)
  5. Blackberry Way
  6. A Certain Something (piano version; rough mix)
  7. Curly
  8. Second Class (She's Too Good for Me), Part 1
  9. Second Class (She's Too Good for Me), Part 2
  10. Beautiful Daughter (reduced mix)
  11. This Time Tomorrow
  12. Hello Susie (abridged)
  13. Don't Make My Baby Blue
  14. The Last Thing on My Mind
  15. Open My Eyes (live, 1969: Fillmore West)
  1. I Can Hear the Grass Grow (live, 1969: Fillmore West)
  2. Brontosaurus (US promo edit)
  3. When Alice Comes Back to the Farm
  4. Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (take 5; rough mix)
  5. Feel Too Good
  6. Lightnin' Never Strikes Twice
  7. Ella James
  8. Tonight (US edited version) Deutsche Übersetzung von The Move - Tonight
  9. Do Ya (edited version)
  10. Chinatown
  11. California Man
  12. The Duke of Edinburgh's Lettuce

Fire Brigade: Best (Compilation)


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