Geboren am 10. Januar 1974


Legends Never Die

Die, Rugged Man, Die

All My Heroes Are Dead

Legendary Classics, Volume 1

Mehr Songtexte

  1. Chains
  2. Black & White
  3. Chains (clean)
  4. Chains (main)
  5. Chains (instrumental)
  6. Black & White (clean original)
  7. Black & White (main original)
  8. Intro
  9. Drink Specials
  10. 50'000 Heads
  11. Pignose
  12. Bottom Feeders
  13. Kill It
  14. Uncommon Valor
  15. Black and White
  16. Hold Fort
  17. Supah
  18. Give it Up
  19. I Should'a Never
  20. Cunt Renaissance
  21. The Hard Way
  22. Break Down the Walls
  23. L.I.'s Finest
  24. American Low Life
  25. What The Fuck
  26. German Pussy Freestyle
  27. Flipside
  28. Grizzly
  29. Break the Walls Down
  30. Betcha Life
  31. Dont Wanna Fuck
  32. Till My Heart Stops
  33. 50 000 Heads
  34. Tha Hardway
  35. Effin' Yo' Bitch
  36. Even Dwarfs Started Small
  37. 50,000 Heads
  38. Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story Deutsche Übersetzung von R.A. the Rugged Man - Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story
  39. Whos Dat Guy
  40. Stretch Armstrong Freestyle
  41. Homecoming Queen
  42. Luv to Fuk
  43. Still Get Through the Day
  44. The People's Champ
  45. Outro
  46. Make You Famous
  47. Definition of a Rap Flow (Albee 3000)
  48. Legends Never Die (Daddy's Halo)
  49. Holla-Loo-Yuh
  50. The Dangerous Three
  51. Underground Hitz
  52. Still Diggin' Wit Buck (Legends intro)
  53. Sam Peckinpah
  54. Learn Truth
  55. Shuko Outro
  56. 4 Days in Cali
  57. Crustified Christmas (Clean) [feat. Mac Lethal]
  58. Crustified Christmas (Main) [feat. Mac Lethal]
  59. Crustified Christmas
  60. High Ranking
  61. Mad Ammo
  62. Return Of The Renaissance
  63. Three Greats
  64. Crazy Man
  65. Nosebleed
  66. Body The Heat
  67. Cunt Classic
  68. Still Diggin’ Wit Buck (Legends intro)
  69. Bottom Feeders (feat. Cage) (Unreleased mix) (Prod. By DJ Mighty mi)
  70. Homecoming Queen (feat. Mr. Eon) (Prod. By DJ Mighty mi)
  71. Mad Ammo (feat. Celph Titled) (Prod. By Buckwild)
  72. Hold Up (feat. Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers) (Prod. By Snowgoons)
  73. Diablos
  74. Pipe Dreams (feat. Bekay) (Prod. By Marco Polo)
  75. Three Greats (feat. Kool G. Rap & Reef the Lost Cauze) (Unreleased mix) (Prod. By Guns-N-Butter)
  76. Nosebleed (feat. Vinnie Paz) (Prod. By DC the Midi Alien)
  77. Return of the Renaissance (feat. Hell Razah) (Prod. By Dev 1)
  78. You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit (feat. Havoc) (Unreleased mix) (Prod. By Ayatollah)
  79. Crustified Christmas (main)
  80. Crustified Christmas (clean)
  81. Stanley Kubrick (clean)
  82. What The...
  83. Living Throug A Screen (Everything Is A Lie)
  84. Contra-Dictionary
  85. "R. A. Meets A. R." (Skit)
  86. "Statchy"
  87. "R.A. Be Down" (Aww Baby Now)
  88. "Hookin' With The Hookers" (featuring Glenn Gibbs and Capital T)
  89. "Every Record Label Sucks Dick[6]"
  90. "Toolbox Murderer"
  91. "Bloody Axe"
  92. "You Ain't Never Been Down"
  93. "Back To The Rubber-Room"
  94. "Bloody Body Parts in Da Fruit Punch Bowl"
  95. "Interlude"
  96. "Bloodshed Hua Hoo"
  97. "Walking Down The Street With My Nuts In My Hand"
  98. "Cunt Renaissance" (featuring Biggie Smalls)
  99. "R.A. Classroom" (Skit)


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