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The Homecoming Goodbye

Gründung im März 1978


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  1. Don't Get Me Wrong Deutsche Übersetzung von Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
  2. I Got You Babe
  3. Spiritual High (State of Independence)
  4. Breakfast in Bed
  5. I'll Stand by You Deutsche Übersetzung von Pretenders - I'll Stand by You
  6. Who's Who
  7. Baby's Breath
  8. Human (Call-Out Research Hook)
  9. I'm a Mother
  10. Every Mother's Son
  11. [untitled]
  12. Let's Make a Pact
  13. I Wish You Love
  14. Don't Lose Faith in Me
  15. Don't Cut Your Hair
  16. Love's a Mystery
  17. You Didn't Have To
  18. Both Sides of Goodbye
  19. Hold A Candle To This (Alternate Version) [Bonus]
  20. World Within Worlds [Bonus]
  21. Tradition Of Love (Remix) [Bonus]
  22. Dance (Take 1) [Bonus]
  23. Don't Get Me Wrong (Live) [Bonus]
  24. Thumbelina (Live) [Bonus]
  25. Don't Lose Your Faith in Me
  26. Tequila (Bonus Track)
  27. Can't Help Falling in Love (Bonus Track
  28. Time (Junior's Mixshow)
  29. Time (Junior's Earth Beats)
  30. Time (Junior's Tribapella)
  31. Time (Junior's Earth Anthem)
  32. Time (Junior's Earthstrumental)
  33. Time (Junior's Ambient Beats)
  34. Tattoed Love Boys
  35. I Need Somebody
  36. Complicada
  37. The Wait (demo)
  38. Stop Your Sobbing (demo)
  39. I Got You Babe (UB40 & Chrissie Hynde)
  40. Sabre Dance
  41. The Phone Call (demo)
  42. Thin Line Between Love & Hate
  43. I Can't Control Myself (demo)
  44. World Within Worlds
  45. Tequila (demo)
  46. Kid (demo)
  47. I Go to Sleep (guitar version - outtake)
  48. Brass in Pocket (demo)
  49. Spiritual High (State of Independence) (Moodswings & Chrissie Hynde)
  50. Back on the Chain-Gang
  51. Fast or Slow (The Law's the Law)
  52. The Windows of the World
  53. Time the Avenger / Mystery Achievement
  54. [crowd noise]
  55. Message of Love / The Adultress
  56. I Can’t Control Myself (demo)
  57. Hynm to Her
  58. Colours
  59. Windows of the World (from “1969”)
  60. Every Mother’s Son (demo)
  61. Tatooed Love Boys
  62. If There Was a Man (from “The Living Daylights”)
  63. Sabre Dance (The Marquee, April 1979
  64. Angel of the Morning (from “Friends”)
  65. Where Has Everyboady Gone (from “The Living Daylights”)
  66. Night on My Veins
  67. Goodbye [from “G.I. Jane”]
  68. The Homecoming [from “G.I. Jane”]
  69. Human [Class Mix]
  70. Goin’ Back [from “Fever Pitch”]
  71. The Homecoming [Street Version]
  72. Samurai [Street Mix]
  73. From The Heart Down [alternate version]
  74. Goodbye (from “G.I. Jane”)
  75. Goin’ Back (from “Fever Pitch”)
  76. Holy Commotion!
  77. Back on a Chain Gang
  78. Brass in Pocket (promo video)
  79. Stop Your Sobbing (promo video)
  80. Kid (promo video)
  81. Night in My Veins (promo video)
  82. I’ll Stand by You (promo video)
  83. What You Gonna Do About It (originally recorded by the Pretenders for Flexipop Magazine, London 1980)
  84. Needle and the Damage Done
  85. Stop Your Sobbin’ (original demo version, 1978)
  86. Down the Wrong Way
  87. 1969
  88. Loose Screw Screensaver [data]
  89. Louie, Louie
  90. (Back on the) Chain Gang
  91. Ohio (My City Was Gone)
  92. Bad Boys (Get Spanked)
  93. Breakfast in Bed (UB40 & Chrissie Hynde)


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