1. Buzz Warm-ups: Two Measures
  2. Eighth-Note Exercises: One Measure
  3. Nine-Stroke Roll
  4. Unison Snare Drum Exercises: One Measure
  5. Practice Tips
  6. Unison Snare Drum Exercises: Two Measures
  7. Basic Ostinato Grooves
  8. Sixteenth-Note Exercises Using The Tip And Butt End Of The Stick
  9. Jingle Stick Exercises
  10. Buzz Warm-ups: One Measure
  11. Eighth- And Sixteenth-Note Exercises: One Measure
  12. Fragments Group C: Buzz Fragments
  13. Eighth- And Sixteenth-Note Exercises: Two Measures
  14. Introduction
  15. Buzz Cadences: Two Measures
  16. Five-Stroke Roll Exercises: One Measure
  17. Nine-Stroke Roll Exercises: Two Measures
  18. Buzz Exercises: One Measure
  19. Linear Combination Exercises: One Measure
  20. Preliminary Exercises
  21. Sixteenth-Note Cowbell Exercises
  22. Nine-Stroke Roll Warm-ups
  23. Multiple Snare Exercises: One Measure
  24. Snare-Muting Exercises
  25. Drum Tuning Possibilities
  26. Linear Eighth-Note Exercises: One Measure
  27. Cymbal Choke Exercises
  28. Nine-Stroke Roll Exercises: One Measure
  29. Unison Bass Drum Exercises: Two Measures
  30. Linear Eighth-Note Exercises: Two Measures
  31. Hi-Hat Exercises
  32. Five-Stroke Roll Exercises: Two Measures
  33. Eighth- And Sixteenth-Note Auxiliary Snare Fills
  34. Snare Chatter Exercises
  35. Freehand Technique
  36. Split-Groove Exercises: Eighth- And Sixteenth-Note Combinations
  37. Buzz Exercises: Two Measures
  38. Unison Snare Drum Combination Exercises: One Measure
  39. Eighth-Note Off-Beat Exercises: Two Measures
  40. Unison Snare Drum Combination Exercises: Two Measures
  41. Drumbals
  42. Multiple Snare Combination Exercises: Two Measures
  43. Eighth- And Sixteenth-Note Combinations
  44. Eighth-Note Combinations
  45. Multiple Snare Combination Exercises: One Measure
  46. Eighth-Note Exercises: Two Measures
  47. Unison Bass Drum Combination Exercises: One Measure
  48. Cymbal Setup
  49. Five-Stroke Roll
  50. Split-Groove Exercises: Sixteenth-Note Combinations
  51. Five- And Nine-Stroke Roll Exercises: Two Measures With Buzzes
  52. Unison Bass Drum Combination Exercises: Two Measures
  53. Split-Groove Exercises: Eighth-Note Combinations
  54. Multiple Snare Exercises: Two Measures
  55. Eighth-Note Auxiliary Snare Fills
  56. The RhythmSaw
  57. Unison Bass Drum Exercises: One Measure
  58. Sixteenth-Note Exercises: Two Measures
  59. Sixteenth-Note Exercises: One Measure
  60. Five-Stroke Roll Warm-ups
  61. Eighth-Note Off-Beat Exercises: One Measure
  62. Linear Combination Exercises: Two Measures


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