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Jerry Goldsmith: 40 Years in Film Music (Soundtrack)

  1. The Blue Max: Overture
  2. The Blue Max: First Flight
  3. The Blue Max: The Bridge
  4. The Blue Max: The Attack
  5. The Blue Max: Finale
  6. Television Themes Medley
  7. In Harm's Way: Suite: Intermezzo / The Rock / Final Victory
  8. Motion Pictures Medley
  9. The Generals Suite
  10. TORA! TORA! TORA!: Main Title
  11. Wild Rovers: Bronco Bustin'
  12. Persuit: Persuit
  13. The Wind and the Lion: Suite: Raisuli Attacks / I Remember - Love Theme / Lord of the Riff
  1. QB VII: Main Title
  2. QB VII: Holocaust
  3. QB VII: Visit to the Sheikh
  4. QB VII: The Wailing Wall
  5. QB VII: Kaddish for the Six Million
  6. The Waltons: The Waltons
  7. Papillon: Out to Sea
  8. Police Story: Police Story
  9. The Omen: Suite
  10. Capricorn One: Overture (von City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine)
  11. The Swarm: Suite: The Bees Arrive / End Title
  12. The Boys From Brazil: Suite: Waltz / The Boys
  13. The Great Train Robbery: Overture
  14. Alien: The Nostromo / End Title
  15. Star Trek: The Motion Picture: End Titles / Klingon Attack
  1. Masada: Main Themes
  2. Poltergeist: Main Title
  3. Twilight Zone: The Movie: Suite
  4. Under Fire: Prelude
  5. Under Fire: Bajo Fuego
  6. Under Fire: A New Love
  7. Under Fire: The Rebel March
  8. Gremlins: Suite
  9. Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend: Baby's Alive / End Titles
  10. Legend: Faerie Dance / Reunited
  11. Lionheart: Robert's Theme
  12. Rambo III: Questions
  13. Total Recall: Main Theme
  1. Basic Instinct: Main Theme (von City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine)
  2. The Russia House: Love Theme
  3. Gremlins 2: The New Batch: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
  4. Medicine Man: The Trees
  5. The Shadow: The Shadow
  6. Forever Young: Forever Young
  7. First Knight: Arthur's Fanfare / No Surrender / Arthur's Farewell
  8. Powder: Powder
  9. Air Force One: Main Title (von City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, James Fitzpatrick)
  10. L.A. Confidential: L.A. Confidential (von City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, James Fitzpatrick)
  11. The Mummy: Sand Volcano / Love Theme (von City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)
  12. The Haunting: The Haunting
  13. Star Trek: Nemesis: Suite
  14. The Sum of All Fears: The Mission


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