Geboren am 27. Oktober 1914, Gestorben am 09. November 1953


  1. To Begin at the Beginning
  2. Billy Collins Introduction
  3. And Death Shall Have No Dominion
  4. Billy Collins Introduction (Disc Two)
  5. Mid-Day Mr and Mrs Pugh Are Silent
  6. Time Passes. Listen. Time Passes
  7. Blind Captain Cat Hears All the Morning of the Town
  8. Author's Prologue
  9. Under Milkwood
  10. Poem On His Birthday
  11. Now the Town Is Dusk
  12. Caedmon Promo
  13. Lament
  14. Lord Cut-Glass, in His Kitchen Full of Time
  15. In the White Giant's Thigh
  16. In My Craft and Sullen Art
  17. A Child's Christmas in Wales, a Story
  18. There Was A Saviour
  19. The Music of the Spheres
  20. Ceremony After a Fire Raid
  21. The Sunny, Slow Lulling Afternoon
  22. Altarwise by Owl Light (1st Verse)
  23. Laugharne
  24. Ballad of the Long-Legged Bait
  25. The Town Smells of Seaweed and Breakfast
  26. Fern Hill
  27. Captain Cat, the Retired Blind Seacaptain, Asleep in His Bunk
  28. If I Were Tickled by the Rub of Love
  29. A Winter's Tale
  30. Dawn Raid
  31. On the Marriage of a Virgin
  32. The Hand that Signed the Paper
  33. A Refusal To Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London
  34. The Hunchback in the Park
  35. If My Head Hurt a Hair's Foot
  36. In Country Sleep
  37. The Villagers Go About Their Business
  38. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
  39. Over Sir John's Hill
  40. Especially When the October Wind
  41. After the Funeral
  42. The Villagers' Dream
  43. Poem in October (It Was My Thirtieth Year)
  44. Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines
  45. The Sunny Slow Lolling of Afternoon Yawns and Moons Through the Dozy Town
  46. Love in the Asylum
  47. A Few Words of a Kind
  48. Introduction
  49. Too Late, Cock, Too Late
  50. The Tombstone Told When She Died
  51. Should Lanterns Shine
  52. This Is Llareggub Hill
  53. A Child's Christmas in Wales
  54. Poem in October
  55. This Side of Truth
  56. In My Craft or Sullen Art
  57. Altarwise by Owl Light (first verse only)
  58. 'Now the town is dusk...'
  59. 'Mr and Mrs Cherry Owen...'
  60. 'Mrs Willy Nilly steams open Mr Mog Edwards' letter...'
  61. Song: 'Johnnie Crack and Flossie Snail'
  62. 'Lord Cut-Glass, in his kitchen full of time...'
  63. 'From Beynon Butcher's in Coronation Street...'
  64. 'The music of the spheres...'
  65. 'Gwennie call the boys...'
  66. 'All the women are out this morning...'
  67. Guide Book
  68. 'And Gossamer Beynon, schooltacher, spoon-stirred...'
  69. 'I am a draper, mad with love...'
  70. 'And the dawn inches up...'
  71. Song: Polly Garter — 'I Loved a Man'
  72. 'Never such seas...'
  73. 'The Reverend Eli Jenkins inky in his cool front parlour...'
  74. 'Oh there's a face!...'
  75. 'Dancing Williams!'
  76. Song: Mr Waldo — 'Come and sweep my chimbley'
  77. 'Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard, la di da...'
  78. Song: 'Now when farmers' boys on the first fair day...'
  79. Song: 'But I always think as we tumble into bed...'
  80. 'Morning Prayer'
  81. 'In Butcher Beynon's...'
  82. Song: Rev Eli Jenkins — 'Every morning, when I wake'
  83. 'And Lily Smalls...'
  84. Song: Rosie Probert and Captain Cat — 'Love Duet'
  85. 'Gossamer Beynon high-heels out of school...'
  86. 'titbits and topsyturvies...'
  87. Main Theme
  88. 'Persons with manners do not read at table...'
  89. 'And...Captain Cat hears all the morning of the town...'
  90. 'Here's your arsenic, dear...'
  91. 'To begin at the beginning...'
  92. 'Now in her iceberg-white...nightgown...'
  93. 'And Gossamer Beynon, schoolteacher, spoon-stirred...'
  94. Under Milk Wood (Part 1) - Richard Burton


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