1. Candiru Pisshole Invasion
  2. Attack Of The Mutant Mantis Shrimp
  3. Invasion Of The Carnivorous Sea Slugs
  4. Dragged Into The Abyss
  5. Underwater Cove Of Mutilated Surfers
  6. Rise Of The Squid King
  7. Human Meat Against The Reef (ft. Matt Teufel of Gynemastasis and Meth Induced)
  8. Cephalopodectomy
  9. Dick Stuck In A Hydrothermal Vent
  10. Crushed By An Onslaught Of Tentacles
  11. Lagoon Filled With Decaying Bloated Bodies
  12. Organ Implosion
  13. Boat Propeller Decapitation
  14. Outro
  15. Cannibal Medusozoa Holocaust
  16. Tube Worm Gloryhole
  17. Unholy Domain Of The Giant King Crab
  18. Gallery Of Corpses On The Ocean Floor
  19. Bathtub Filled With Poo
  20. Sewage Water Enema
  21. Rotten Vaginal Aquarium
  22. Fish Guts Asphyxiation
  23. Rogue Wave Annihilation
  24. Chlorine Enema
  25. Smegmalodon
  26. When Mantis Shrimp Ruled The World
  27. Water Hazard
  28. Floating Cadaver Depth Charge (ft. Lord Bloodbath of Stabbed In The Cunt and ECU Productions)
  29. Oil Spill Enema
  30. Turd In The Bathtub
  31. Intro
  32. Ripped Apart By A Frenzy Of Sharks
  33. Ocean Of Dead Infants
  34. Pooping In A Thermal Vent
  35. Bloodsucking Vampire Squid Freaks
  36. Thrashed Into Nothing
  37. Poop Chute Water Slide
  38. Submerged and Forgotten
  39. Anchor Disembowelment
  40. Translucent Swarm
  41. Fish Outta Water
  42. Mutant Octosquid
  43. AxUx
  44. Big Bodacious Booty Beach Barnacle Bonanza
  45. Bloated Fat Bitch Sponge
  46. Chugging Piss Filled Water Bottles After Working Out
  47. Devoured By An Octosquid
  48. Drowned In A Puddle
  49. March Of The Shellfish
  50. Beyond The Coral Gates
  51. The Dark Lord Beneath The Waves
  52. Newborn Babies Tied To An Anchor
  53. Fear The Abyss
  54. Cum Soaked Shark Infested Waters
  55. A Shark Ate My Penis
  56. Dehydration Asphyxiation
  57. Contaminated Degradation Of The Worlds Water Supply
  58. Carnivorous Flurry Of Sluggified Sharks
  59. Piss Sprinkler
  60. Octosquid Tentacle Deep Throat
  61. Aquatic Labyrinth Of Human Civilization
  62. Chlorine Drinker
  63. Mulched Human Remains
  64. Submarine Suicide
  65. Death Laser Fishing
  66. Eviscerated by Giant Water Bugs
  67. Gore Below The Ice
  68. Sunken Treasures In A Disease Ridden Public Toilet
  69. Brutally Raped By A Nest Of Sea Snakes
  70. Edgelord Of The Ocean
  71. Flesh Eating Planktonic Nightmare
  72. Hydro Plump Rump Pump
  73. Zombie Shark Decapitation
  74. Lair of the Deep One
  75. One With The Deep
  76. Dehydration Induced Rampage
  77. Piranha In My Swim Trunks


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