Wisdom Songtext
von U‐God

Wisdom Songtext

My first born son
I call you my number 1 son
You came a long way
and for a long time you were doing your music
It wasn't easy for you

You dodged hard drugs, real bullets and verbal bullets
You even dodged being a statistic on the citi-zism
But you stayed the course
You planted your seeds and I watched them grow

I remember when you first started out,
you told me about your plans
About your music and what you and your friends were doing
I didn't believe you, I didn't encourage you or discourage you

On the quest throw the relish
to feed the people I cherish
the good and the bad I inherit
Eating healthy keep the brain cells nourished and flourish
take it all, work hard 'til the day that I perish
I wish I could go back in time
and find my first book of rhymes and publish
ego death is a crime
And that page that I ripped out back in '89
written in red ink, damn what a line
It's not easy getting kicked out the booth
after 15 tries then I came with the truth

This rhymes, you got depth, you got rhythm and soul
Olympic torch flaming, 10 million sold
Not bad for a chipper, who just came home
To make Ma's proud the initial goal
I'm old now, time to conquer the globe

Look Ma, i'm on top of the world
Look Ma, I'm on top of the world

Look Ma, i'm on top of the world
Look Ma, I'm on top of the world

And to all my park killa's slash realla's
my cohorts and co-hearts out front the old building
moms they shooting
Grab all your children to the pretty staircase
Oooh stickers on the ceiling
Late night, helping baby girl with her homework
Little Kitty tears, magic marker just won't work
Baby mommas stays fighting on the couch with some pink shorts

The sacrifice to be on top of this rap war
Kiss her on the cheek, tell her I love her
The fortune and the fame. I'll be home in the 4th quarter
Tears shed in the back of the tour bus
started with 9 niggas and the DJ and just us
You see the footage how I tell it do Tokyo
What a wild rodeo, I built my portfolio
Donte's got a new car, thinking he's cool
Meek the first of the Hawkin's to graduate film school
Flex grown right on his way to the air force
Malik's growing up and he knows I'll be there for him

Just elevating my time between my life and my rhymes
Baby girl is gonna grow up right in front of my eyes
God bless you my child
Time flies when you smile
Gotta cherish the moment, til I walk her down the aisle

Look Ma, i'm on top of the world
Look Ma, I'm on top of the world

Look Ma, i'm on top of the world
Look Ma, I'm on top of the world

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