Easy From Now On Songtext
von Terri Clark

Easy From Now On Songtext

There he goes
gone again
same ol' storys gotta come to an end
loving him was a one way street
but i'm gettin off where the crossroads meet
Quarter moon in a ten-cent town
time for me to lay my heartcahes down
saturday night, i'm gonna make myself a name.
take a moth of sundays to try and explain,

Chorus: its gonna be easy to fill the ehart of a thirsty woman
harder to kill the ghost of a no-good man
i'll be ridin high in a fandangled sky
it's gonna be easy from now on

raw as the wind
clean as bone
soft to the touch when he takes me home
when the morning comes ad it's time for me to leave...
domt worry bout me cos I got a wils card up my sleeve

(Repeat chorus)

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