Blues Beach Songtext
von Steely Dan

Blues Beach Songtext

I was scrapin' bottom
Groping in the dark
It takes a crusty punk to really beat
The mean streets of Medicine Park
So I shifted left and out of town
Then I clicked my heels and I doubled down to

Blues Beach, I'm frying
Sizzling in the merciful rays
And it's the long sad Sunday of the early resigned

I went to Central Station
To catch that early bus
They were gassed and runnin' in every which way
But unhappily not for us
Here come Trina—the child bride
I said hey pretty girl—can I cop a ride to

Blues beach, it's raining
I'm chilling at the Manatee Bar
Well it's a stone soul picnic for the early resigned

We can rent a paranymphic glider
My hypothetical friend
And we could sail away to the bending end

Grab Big Dog a blanket
Angel of my heart
Things may get a whole lot worse
Before suddenly falling apart
Give your roommate Yvonne a ring
'Cause if she still wants in I gotta pull some strings

On Blues Beach, I'm dying
Freezin' in the merciful rays
And it's the long sad Sunday of the early resigned

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