Kiss U Songtext
von Ras Kass feat. Sideline

Kiss U Songtext

Shhhhh. Close your eyes. Game over. Bitch

Eyes closed, hold your breath
And get the kiss of death

Maybe I'm the black sheep of rap
Snuck in V.I.P
Making records to kill a nigga like I'm Chi Ali
Tongue kiss, spit spread, epidemic plague
Swung miss, hit bled, you're better off dead
The sperm that created you shoulda been head
Or shoulda been that nasty running down your mother's leg
These bustas can't stand me
Wanna hostage my family like Marcus Camby
But God damn we, some boss players
Homey's east, south, west
Hottest 97 single
So next time Funk Flex
Drop a bomb to what you said
Your baby son will drop a shitty diaper on your head
From the bunk bed y'all share

Good riddance
Everything written is guillotine
And leave a nigga lookin' like Grenadine
Got a bitch from the Philippines with an emerald nose ring
Masturbatin' with a magazine
When we parlay

Spit venom
Hood felon
Put cowards to sleep
Get your girl sprung
Fantasize to me and touch her pearl tongue
Swerve on
Pick the seeds
Sip this OJ
Got her wet from the fore play
Ohh Lay!
Lick my earlobe, nibble my diamond
Pillow talk, heat of the moment
You know I'm lyin'
Peggin' me to stay, started cryin'
I'm flyin'
Speedy Gonzales Iceberg and banana Kobe Bryant

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