Light Skin Keisha (Skit) Songtext
von Preme

Light Skin Keisha (Skit) Songtext

So I'ont know who told these bitches that
it was or cool or whatever the case may be
To take a picture of a nigga while he sleepin'
You know I'm sayin',
while he's not alert or whatever the fuckin' case may be

Like you know I'm sayin', like first of all bitch
If ain't nobody told you, I'll be the first to tell you
Okay believe I'd be the first to tell you that you lame
You corny, you stupid
'Cause first of all bitch,
look if you had any chances of seein' this nigga again
You can cancel that with you groupie ass

Like, don't nobody got time for that
Like this, this nigga didn't know that was goddamn bringin' a damn
Paparazzi around
Like, damn bitch you know I'm sayin'
Like you ruinin' this shit for bitches
And yeah fellas y'all just gotta
reconsider, the type of bitches that y'all bring around

Like know that every bitch can't hang, every bitch not cool
Some bitches really do be on that lame shit
Bitches can't wait to name drop and tell a bitch I been with so and so
Look, look, look, look, look, look

This who I did and I got proof
A bitch can't wait like, you just gotta chill you know I'm sayin'
Be careful, be careful, you feel me?

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