Monologue: Nusrat, He's My Elvis Songtext
von Jeff Buckley

Monologue: Nusrat, He's My Elvis Songtext

Guy in audience: Play a Nasrat tune
Jeff: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?
guy in audience: Yeah, you know one?
Jeff: ...
You saw him in the park, right?
guy: Yeah!
Jeff: That's why you mispronounced his name, 'cause-
audience laughs
Jeff: no no no no no because I have a friend named Penny and she uh yeah, I played her at the thing and she said "
It's Nusrat, and he's my Elvis.
That's my guy.
I listen to him everyday.
girl in audience: He's playing at the World Music Institute.
Jeff: He's playing at the New Music Institute?
World Music Institute.
November 14th.
But I really don't want to turn everybody on to him because then everybody goes, "
Yeah, that Nusrat thing, yeah it's a cool hang.
I saw you at Nusrat right?
6 from the left, clapping your hands"
girl in audience: Yeah, but you know what his nickname is.
Jeff: Yeah, you're right.
I do.
I know everything about him.
Remember that movie "
Diva" about that guy who like rode around on that motorcycle and just like knew everything about- that's the way I am with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
I know his nickname as a child.
What did, can you, hey i'll see you later.
do you remember anything that he did, because maybe i could do it, and blow you away with my acumen.

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