Everything I Knew Songtext
von Busted

Everything I Knew Songtext

Everything i knew,
just went out the window,
now i can't depend on you,
and i never thought i'd see,
my life walk away from me,
i thought we'd always be,
i shouldn't have to pay,
for every word i say,
and i wish i could change your decision
and you know that i try,
to tell you what it's like
but you just wouldn't listen
lets go back,
lets rewind,
to the days that remind me
of all the good times that
we spent together,
and i don't know why,
we just let it all slide,
when we both knew inside
we were right for each other
I don't know what to do,
cos your everything that i knew
Everything's the same,
it's like tomorrow never came,
we used to talk about
and the seasons never change,
we never used to act our age,
everytime we were
I don't know what to do,
cos your everything that i knew
How can you just walk out on my life,
without even giving a reason
(without even giving a reason)
how can you look so good,
the day i watched you leaving
Chorus x2
Oh yea, yea

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