Leanin on My Dream Songtext
von Bob Seger

Leanin on My Dream Songtext

I was walkin to the corner drug store
and what should I happen to see
there were picket lines
and the people were a shoutin'
"Down with democracy"
as I strolled on by someone grabbed my arm and said
"buddy where do you stand"?
I said "I stand wherever I choose my friend
and you best let go of my hand"
as I walked away on a sunny day, I swear IÂ heard him scream
"you know you're leanin' on my dream"
"Hey man you're leanin on my dream"

Got home and turned on the tv set
and sat me down to eat
and a man came on
talkin' bout the coppers
they were blockin' off another street
Seems some folks was raisin' cain
and a riot had broke out

and they flashed the camera on the guy who had stopped me
I watched him runnin' about
as the cops were draggin him away
I heard on of 'em scream
"you know you're leanin' on my dream"
"these kids are leanin' on my dream"

oh yeah

well I got up and turned off the tv set
and to tell you I was feelin' mean
an I thought a while
tryin to make some sense
out of everything that I have seen

I was addin' the score when there's a knock on the door
was a letter addressed to me
It read "greetings from the president, united states"
I fell down on my knees

The next day I was on the picket line
and Lord you should have heard me scream
"you know you're leanin' on my dream"
"hey man you're leanin' on my dream"

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