Forever and a Day Songtext
von Barry Manilow

Forever and a Day Songtext


They said we'd never last
A week, a month, a year
They shook their head
Dream on they said, cause dreamers disappear
But here we are, no matter what they say

It's you and me forever and a day

We knew we had it right
We knew we broke the mold
They said have fun, it's kiss and run
Then back out in the cold
I could have told them
We were here to stay

To you and me forever and a day

Didn't we show them
Aren't they blown away
Cause what ever time may do
Our love is through, forever

And once our hearts were full
And once we felt the flame
Such hunger then, much younger then
But really we're the same

And once the music played
And once they lit the lights
And years ago, we felt a glow
So very like tonight
And now I know
It will always be that way

For you, for me,
Forever and a day

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