From Four Till Late (Compilation)

Inspiring Eric (Compilation)

Robert Johnson & The Last of the Mississippi Blues Singers. (Compilation)


  1. Kind Hearted Woman Blues #1
  2. Kind Hearted Woman Blues #2
  3. I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom
  4. Sweet Home Chicargo
  5. Rambling on My Mind #1
  6. Rambling on My Mind #2
  7. When You Got a Good Friend #1
  8. When You Got a Good Friend #2
  9. Come On in My Kitchen #1
  10. Come On in My Kitchen #1
  11. Terraplane Blues
  12. Phonograph Blues #1
  13. Phonograph Blues #2
  14. 32-20 Blues
  15. They’re Red Hot
  16. Dead Shrimp Blues
  17. Cross Road Blues #1
  18. Cross Road Blues #1
  19. Walking Blues
  20. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
  21. Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)
  22. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day


  1. Stones in My Passway
  2. I’m a Steady Rolling Man
  3. Four Until Late
  4. Hellhound on My Trail
  5. Little Queen of Spades #1
  6. Little Queen of Spades #2
  7. Malted Milk
  8. Drunken Hearted Man #1
  9. Drunken Hearted Man #2
  10. Me and the Devil Blues #1
  11. Me and the Devil Blues #2
  12. Stop Breaking Down #1
  13. Stop Breaking Down #2
  14. Traveling Riverside Blues #1
  15. Traveling Riverside Blues #2
  16. Honeymoon Blues
  17. Love in Vain #1
  18. Love in Vain #2
  19. Milkcow’s Calf Blues #1
  20. Milkcow’s Calf Blues #2


  1. The New Frisco Train (von Bukka White)
  2. The Panama Limited (von Bukka White)
  3. I Am in the Heavenly Way (von Bukka White)
  4. The Promise True And Grand (von Bukka White)
  5. Pinebluff Arkansas (von Bukka White)
  6. Shake ’em on Down (von Bukka White)
  7. Sic ’em Dogs On (von Bukka White)
  8. Po Boy (von Bukka White)
  9. Black Train Blues (von Bukka White)
  10. Strange Place Blues (von Bukka White)
  11. When Can I Change My Clothes (von Bukka White)
  12. Sleepy Man Blues (von Bukka White)
  13. Parchman Farm Blues (von Bukka White)
  14. Good Gin Blues (von Bukka White)
  15. High Fever Blues (von Bukka White)
  16. District Attorney Blues (von Bukka White)
  17. Fixin to Be Blues (von Bukka White)
  18. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues (von Bukka White)
  19. Bukka’s Jitterbug Swing (von Bukka White)
  20. Special Steam Line (von Bukka White)
  21. Catfish Blues (von Robert Petway)
  22. Ride ’em on Down (von Robert Petway)
  23. Rocking Chair Blues (von Robert Petway)
  24. My Little Girl (von Robert Petway)
  25. Let Me Be Your Boss (von Robert Petway)
  26. Left My Baby Crying (von Robert Petway)


  1. Sleepy Woman Blues (von Robert Petway)
  2. Don’t Go Down Baby (von Robert Petway)
  3. Bertha Lee Blues (von Robert Petway)
  4. Boogie Woogie Woman (von Robert Petway)
  5. Hollow Log Blues (von Robert Petway)
  6. In the Evening (von Robert Petway)
  7. My Baby Left Me (von Robert Petway)
  8. Cotton Pickin’ Blues (von Robert Petway)
  9. You Can Mistreat Me Here (von Tommy McClennan)
  10. New “shake ’em on Down” (von Tommy McClennan)
  11. Bottle It Up and Go (von Tommy McClennan)
  12. Whiskey Head Woman (von Tommy McClennan)
  13. Brown Skin Girl (von Tommy McClennan)
  14. Cotton Patch Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  15. Baby Don’t You Want to Go? (von Tommy McClennan)
  16. Baby, Please Don’t Tell on Me (von Tommy McClennan)
  17. I’m Going Don’t You Know (von Tommy McClennan)
  18. New Highway 51 (von Tommy McClennan)
  19. She’s Just Good Huggin’ Size (von Tommy McClennan)
  20. My Little Girl (von Tommy McClennan)
  21. My Baby’s Gone (von Tommy McClennan)
  22. It’s Hard to Be Lonesome (von Tommy McClennan)
  23. My Baby’s Doggin’ Me (von Tommy McClennan)
  24. She’s a Good Looking Mama (von Tommy McClennan)
  25. Whiskey Head Man (von Tommy McClennan)
  26. New Sugar Mama (von Tommy McClennan)
  27. Down to Skin and Bones (von Tommy McClennan)


  1. Katy Mae Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  2. Love With a Feeling (von Tommy McClennan)
  3. Drop Down Mama (von Tommy McClennan)
  4. Black Minnie (von Tommy McClennan)
  5. Elsie Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  6. Des’e My Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  7. Cross Cut Saw Blues #1 (von Tommy McClennan)
  8. Cross Cut Saw Blues #2 (von Tommy McClennan)
  9. Classy Mae Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  10. You Can’t Read My Mind (von Tommy McClennan)
  11. Travelin’ Highway Man (von Tommy McClennan)
  12. Deep Blue Sea Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  13. I’m a Guitar King (von Tommy McClennan)
  14. It’s a Crying Pity (von Tommy McClennan)
  15. Mozelle Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  16. Blues Trip Me This Morning (von Tommy McClennan)
  17. Mr So and So Blues (von Tommy McClennan)
  18. Roll Me, Baby (von Tommy McClennan)
  19. I Love My Baby (von Tommy McClennan)
  20. Shake It Up and Go (von Tommy McClennan)
  21. Blue As I Can Be (von Tommy McClennan)
  22. Bluebird Blues #1 (von Tommy McClennan)
  23. Bluebird Blues #2 (von Tommy McClennan)


  1. Spread My Raincoat Down (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  2. You Got to Roll #1 (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  3. You Got to Roll #2 (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  4. Stagolee (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  5. Just a Spoonful (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  6. Hellatakin’ Blues (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  7. Worried Life Blues (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  8. Water Coast Blues (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  9. The Army Blues (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  10. Tear It Down Rag (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  11. Wind Howlin’ Blues (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  12. Roamin’ and Ramblin’ Blues (von David “Honeyboy” Edwards)
  13. Little Girl in Rome (von Otto Virgial)
  14. Bad Notion Blues (von Otto Virgial)
  15. Got the Blues About Rome (von Otto Virgial)
  16. Seven Year Itch (von Otto Virgial)
  17. Black Spider Blues (von Robert Lockwood, Jr.)
  18. I’m Gonna Train My Bab (von Robert Lockwood, Jr.)
  19. Little Boy Blue (von Robert Lockwood, Jr.)
  20. Take a Little Walk With Me (von Robert Lockwood, Jr.)
  21. I’m Gonna Dig Myself a Hole (von Robert Lockwood, Jr.)
  22. Dust My Broom (von Robert Lockwood, Jr.)

The Centennial Collection (Compilation)


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