Cinderella: Original Television Broadcast Soundtrack

Mehr Songtexte

  1. I Whistle a Happy Tune
  2. My Lord and Master
  3. Hello, Young Lovers
  4. March of the Siamese Children
  5. A Puzzlement
  6. Getting to Know You
  7. We Kiss in a Shadow/I Have Dreamed
  8. Shall I Tell You What I Think of You?
  9. Something Wonderful
  10. Song of the King
  11. Shall We Dance?
  12. Something Wonderful (Finale)
  13. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' (from 'Oklahoma!')
  14. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top (from 'Oklahoma!')
  15. People Will Say We're in Love (from 'Oklahoma!')
  16. Out of My Dreams (from 'Oklahoma!')
  17. Carousel Waltz (from 'Carousel')
  18. Some Enchanted Evening (from 'South Pacific')
  19. There Is Nothin' Like a Dame (from 'South Pacific')
  20. A Wonderful Guy (from 'South Pacific')
  21. Younger Than Springtime (from 'South Pacific')
  22. I Whistle a Happy Tune (from 'The King and I')
  23. Getting to Know You (from 'The King and I')
  24. Shall We Dance? (from 'The King and I')
  25. In My Own Little Corner (from 'Cinderella')
  26. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? (from 'Cinderella')
  27. I Enjoy Being a Girl (from 'Flower Drum Song')
  28. Sunday (from 'Flower Drum Song')
  29. My Favorite Things (from 'The Sound of Music')
  30. Do-Re-Mi (from 'The Sound of Music')
  31. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (from 'The Sound of Music')
  32. Edelweiss (from 'The Sound of Music')
  33. Prélude et chansons des collines
  34. Ouverture et prélude
  35. Hymne du matin et alleluia
  36. Maria
  37. J'ai confiance en moi
  38. 16 ans presque 17 ans
  39. Mes oies quotidiennes
  40. Do Re Mi
  41. Chanson des collines
  42. Le berger solitaire
  43. Une bonne action
  44. Procession et Maria
  45. Edelweiss
  46. De plaine en montagne
  47. Oklahoma!
  48. Carousel
  49. State Fair
  50. Allegro
  51. South Pacific
  52. The King and I
  53. Me and Juliet
  54. Pipe Dream
  55. Cinderella
  56. Flower Drum Song
  57. The Sound of Music
  58. Prelude and the Sound of Music
  59. Overture and Preludium (Dixit dominus)
  60. Morning Hymn and Alleluia
  61. I Have Confidence
  62. Sixteen Going on Seventeen
  63. My Favorite Things
  64. Climb Ev'ry Mountain
  65. The Lonely Goatherd
  66. Something Good
  67. Processional and Maria
  68. So Long, Farewell
  69. Main Title
  70. A Cock-Eyed Optimist
  71. Bloody Mary
  72. Bali Ha'i
  73. Twin Soliloquies
  74. Some Enchanted Evening
  75. Dites-moi
  76. Younger Than Springtime
  77. I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
  78. A Wonderful Guy
  79. This Nearly Was Mine
  80. You've Got to Be Carefully Taught
  81. Honey Bun
  82. Finale Ultimo
  83. My Girl Back Home
  84. My Favorite Things / Salzburg Montage
  85. The Grand Waltz
  86. Laendler
  87. Processional Waltz
  88. The Chase
  89. Escape / Climb Ev'ry Mountain (reprise) / Finale
  90. Richard Rodgers Speaks
  91. Prelude / The Sound of Music (Maria)
  92. Overture and Preludium (Dixit Dominus) (Orchesra & Nuns Chorus)
  93. Morning Hym & Alleluia (Nuns Chorus)
  94. Maria (Nuns Chorus)
  95. I Have Confidence (Maria)
  96. Sixteen Going on Seventeen (Rolf and Liesl)
  97. My Favourite Things (Maria)
  98. Do-Re-Mi (Maria and the Children)
  99. The Sound of Music (The Captain & The Children)
  100. The Lonley Goatherd (Maria and the Children)
  101. So Long, Farewell (The Children)
  102. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Mother Abbess)
  103. Something Good (The Captain & Maria)
  104. Processional & Maria (Nuns Chorus, Organ & Orchestra)
  105. Edelweiss (The Captain, Maria, the Children & Chorus)
  106. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (reprise) (Chorus & Orchestra)
  107. Prelude and the Sound of Music (Maria)
  108. Sixteen Going on Seventeen (Maria & Liesl)
  109. My Favourite Things (Salzburg Montage) (Maria & Orchestra)
  110. The Grand Waltz (Orchestra)
  111. Laendler (Orchestra)
  112. Processional Waltz (Orchestra)
  113. The Chase (Orchestra)
  114. Escape/Climb Ev'ry Mountain (reprise) / Finale (Chorus)
  115. Impossible / It's Possible
  116. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful
  117. Mother and Daughter March
  118. You'll Never Walk Alone
  119. Many a New Day
  120. I Cain't Say No
  121. Processional and Maria (The Wedding)
  122. Prelude / The Sound of Music
  123. I Enjoy Being a Girl
  124. Robert Wise Interview
  125. Overture / Preludium (Dixit Dominus)
  126. Processional / Maria
  127. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'
  128. Finale
  129. I'm Your Girl
  130. Pore Jud is Daid
  131. Richard Rodgers Interview
  132. Kansas City
  133. Entr'acte
  134. The Farmer and The Crowman
  135. Marriage Type Love
  136. Out of My Dreams
  137. Sunday
  138. Surrey With the Fringe on Top
  139. Charmian Carr Interview
  140. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top
  141. Ländler
  142. Morning Hymn / Alleluia
  143. All Er Nothin'
  144. People Will Say We're in Love
  145. Do-Re-Mi
  146. Carousel Waltz
  147. Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin'
  148. I Haven't Got a Worry in the World
  149. How Can Love Survive
  150. So Long Farewell
  151. The Lonely Goatheard
  152. No Way To Stop It
  153. An Ordinary Couple
  154. Processional: Grandeamus
  155. Wedding Processional / Canticle
  156. How Can Love Survive?
  157. You Are Sixteen
  158. Finale: Climb Ev'ry Mountain
  159. Preludium
  160. Preludium: Dixit Dominus / Morning Hymn / Alleluia
  161. Selections from South Pacific
  162. The King and I: I Have Dreamed / Larry Douglas
  163. The King and I: Hello Young Lovers
  164. The King and I: My Lord and Master / Doretta Morrow
  165. The King and I: March of the Siamese Children
  166. The King and I: A Puzzlement / Yul Brynner
  167. The King and I: Overture
  168. The King and I: I Whistle a Happy Tune
  169. The King and I: We Kiss in the Shadow / Larry Douglas
  170. The King and I: Getting to Know You
  171. The King and I: Shall I Tell You What I Think of You
  172. The King and I: Shall We Dance / Yul Brynner
  173. The King and I: Something Wonderful / Dorothy Sarnoff


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