Marina (Evil_Deed)

Ist das Evil_Deed?
Rocken Freundschaft anbieten

Über mich


Eintrag schreiben

Blessed are the human beings that can conserve some childhood traditions although they are adults by the time... ;)

What you do?

Happy New Year!

Orange and turquoise are amongst my favorite colors. ;)

Russia seems pretty much fucked up ...

Trägst du jetzt auch so einen "hübschen" hellblauen Kittel?
Bei uns tragen die Krankenschwestern Weiss!

Marina, the only Russian who doesn't drink vodka! :))))))))

Ha ha,
are you serious about that question?
"Johnny Walker" is one of the most famous Whisky brands. ;)
He referrs to the name, which is a person's name and even to the image, since there is a person a printed part of the label.

That's what you call SUMMER?
We'd call that an eternal autumn.....
Did you ever wear a Bikini under the sun?
Your body needs vitamine D supply...;)

Look at my citation:
" ... und so zog sie den Bikini, den sie nirgends tragen kann
ganz allein für sich zu Hause in der Badewanne an."
(Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Honolulu-Strandbikini)

Today heat record of all times in Germany
Somewhere in Bavaria (Bad Kitzingen) [Bad doesn't mean "bad" but "Bath", which means it's a health resort]

We are glowing!

So is it here.
This is an exceptional summer.

I don't like it very much.
(Know it only from travelling, though)
It is mostly too cold.
And mostly the systems are bad or broken, so you can't really change the setting.
When you go in and out, it makes you sick, for the constant temperatur changes. :(
Might be nice at private homes, but only few have it here.

The thermometer shows 37,5°C
Just was outside in the garden to pick some blackberries for my breakfast-Müsli
Didn't wear anything else but a tiny pair of shorts
After 10 minutes my body was covered with sweat...
Only bearable in the shade and with the fan working

I dedicate this Song to you
because you're so cute!

I'm sure, you'll be delighted!
:D :D :D

10% besser im Quiz als ich - wie machst du das nur ??
:D :D

... albums (I was to say ;))

Oh, Marina, you're askin things...
I'm not really such a music-freak
Especially german lyrics interest me little...
(The problem is, I understand all the bullshit they're singing ... ;))
(as long as it is in foreign language, you just hear the sound and it's fine...;))
Just once in a while a song arouses my attention, when it is really funny or intelligent or just cool
(like most songs by Marius Müller-Westernhagen)
I get to know only that stuff they play on the radio, and don't bother about alb

Farin Urlaub iDisco
I love it, too!