Dr Arturo Bandini un i English translation
von Züri West

Dr Arturo Bandini un i Lyrics Übersetzung

It's late on a Thursday evening but nothing is played
I'm sitting in the kitchen and you don't know where it is
The bandini is on the table
And dissolve as it is
he is the only one who comforts me
on a blue night like today
They have a nice 32 pages of the story together
and at the very end it almost worked again
Then she left him
223 pages minus 32 they are enjoying themselves

Then he finally says now I know it's you
But unfortunately it is no longer there
That's a good ending to a book
That's how it has to be
He's going back to Los Angeles and I'm still here
I have no idea where she is
The bandini is on the table
I know exactly he can forget her
I know this time we're going to take a look
Arturo Bandini and me

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