Feierabend deutsche Übersetzung
von Ton Steine Scherben

Feierabend Lyrics Übersetzung

8 hours of work are over
It seems just like you're free
You can get drunk
You can go to the cinema
And you can spend your money in brothels

It's closing time and the work is over
(take out the gravel?) Boy and you're there

You deserve a break, but who doesn't
Tomorrow we continue so don't wait
Jump straight in the sweet life
You don't need to give your money to the salvation army

It's closing time and the work is over
It's the day to dance on a volcano and you're there

Go visit your boss this evening
And drive away with his mercedes
Finally give him his just deserts
Hurry up he's already waiting

It's payday, boy and the work is over
Do what you want- you are free

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