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What A Day Lyrics Übersetzung


Musik : Steinmann / Gebauer / Czaika
Text : Steinmann

Am GG Am GG 2 x
This is my city - a part of my hometown
this is my home - where I grew up
E G D 2 x
here the days are aslong as the nights
when the evening comes I have a well made bed
and when the night comes upon us
G Fis E
he’s the star
whether, rain, snow or fog in mind the nights
are always clear
F G Am 2 x
oh hoho Southern nights
Am GG Am GG 2 x
This is my city southern part of my hometown
like a bottom-less pit which never runs dry
E G D 2 x
I was told by the moon that no-one must tremble here
and who can say my bed is made by the moon
the stars paint pictures
G Fis E
bright and clear

and tell stories of the way it used to be
F G Am 2 x
Ohhoho Southern nights
F G Am 4 x
When I come home sleep is no stranger in my bed
I feel that the moon’s touched my blanket with
silky fingers
I know when I close my eyes, the night has the might
but this might gives me power –
never wanna miss it
here’s my home

F G Am
Ohhoho Southern nights............................. 3 x

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