Der Musikkritiker deutsche Übersetzung
von Georg Kreisler

Der Musikkritiker Lyrics Übersetzung

Today in every newspaper
There's a big circulation of music critics
And so I also have the honor
And now I make my career as a music critic
I have no idea what music is
Because my job is as a Pharmacist
But then I know real well what a critique is;
The worse it is the more the people rejoice.
It's part of my duty
To destroy what is nice as a music critic
If I should find something nice
I must stop it as a music critic
No artist can outwit me
Because I understand what they do
I've said about every composer:
Only when they're dead are they any good!
Yes finally I have a job
and the newspaper pays the price.
I sit in the first row,
And the singer sees my grimace.

Orff and Eck and Boris Blacher
fear my scorn-filled laughter
Although Hindemith, Stravinsky and Varese are good,
I am still better.
Yes I can be satisfied
Fate has made me rich
But there's still a crazy thing
I notice in every concert:
I see how the audience is soft as wax,
When music dulls their senses
I see how many defiant man listening
A little tears fogged glasses.
But for me to hear that makes no sense
Because I'm not musical.
I see how a lovely girl
Takes and presses her boyfriend's hand
Like a trembling Grandmothers takes off her necklace
Because otherwise they choked with emotion,
Only I'm sitting there and don't even hear it
Because I'm not musical

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