Barbaras Rhabarberbar English translation
von Bodo Wartke & Marti Fischer

Barbaras Rhabarberbar Lyrics Übersetzung

Once upon a time in a small town,
There lived a girl named Barbara, renowned
Throughout the land for her insanely good
Rhubarb pie - people understood.

Yes, one could say that Barbara's
Rhubarb pie was truly, without pause,
A downright magical treat to savor,

Well, this pie was just too fantastic,
And the demand for it became drastic.
In the same year, Barbara opened a spot,
A bar, and named it "Barbara's Rhubarb Bar" on the dot.

In the town, there were also a few brutes,
Who learned of Barbara's Rhubarb Bar pursuits.
And since they were there with Barbara each day,
They were soon dubbed the "Rhubarb Bar Barbarians" in play.

In the following years, these Barbarians,
Gradually abandoned their barbaric plans.
Barbara claimed they were, in truth, quite charming,
Almost more so than a morning yawning.

But these Barbarians were hairy and grim,
All sporting a shaggy Barbarian's brim (not very prim).
So Barbara sent her Barbarian brood,
To the Barbarian Beard Barber for a mood.

This barber even trimmed their heads so neat,
In his Barbarian Beard Barber shop beat.
Though he was quite the chatterbox, no lie,
But their beards were then perfectly spry.

Then the Barbarians invited their barber friend,
To Barbara's Rhubarb Bar, to extend
Their gratitude, sharing a beer,
The Rhubarb Bar Barbarians and the Beard Barber dear.

And with no sense of barbarity,
They ate rhubarb pie, not with severity,
I believe it was more like two or three,
Yes, even the toughest men found camaraderie.

Three Barbarians and the Beard Barber, bright,
Sat one evening, drinking by the bar's light,
When suddenly the police did appear,
"Where were you?" they asked, with a leer.
Three Barbarians and the Beard Barber, sincere.

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