In A Week Songtext
von Worn-Tin

In A Week Songtext

Help me out, my mind is gone
The body and thoughts getting dim
It makes me sad when we're together and everything remainds you of him
Goodbye memories, see you never
I guess these things just stay the same
And now that I feel myself falling
I'm just waiting here writing all of these songs about you
Like old worn-out sneakers, that sit by the bleachers
And I guess that I could just wait a week
To see your face in front of me
The way you walk
And the way you speak
Keeps my mind at ease
I think about you, every night and day
I guess, it's only a week
Soon I'll get tired,
while my own words catch fire, falling promises I'll keep
Just to hold you in my arms,
you don't have to worry, I'll keep all those nightmares away
Like running 'round daytime to hope that you sleep soundly
And I guess I'll just have to wait a week
To see your face in front of me

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