Sweet Nothing Songtext
von Working Week

Sweet Nothing Songtext

There ain't no such thing
As a free lunch my friend,
You've always got to pay,
When they stand there
In your way.
And there ain't no such thing
As a rich man's charity,
You've got to understand,
When he gives
That helping hand,
That there ain't no such thing
As a cut price ambition.
It's sweet nothing,
You're left with
Nothing at all.

There's no easy road
To a new life my friend,
Sometimes you face the pain,
Pick yourself up, start again.
But the love that you find
In the darkness of the night,
You can take it in your arms,
Feel it in your heart.
If you hold it and trust it,
It'll cost you the price of
Sweet nothing.
Sweet nothing.
You're left with nothing
Gotta find a friend,
With you to the end,
More than just a trend,
That won't leave you
On the shelf.
Gotta realise,
What you've got inside,
Better than a lie,
Help you have faith
In yourself.
Living on the line,
Gotta grab the time,
Now that you will find,
It's more than
Fame and wealth.
And hoping and loving
Can cost you the price of
Sweet nothing.
Boy, have faith in yourself,
Boy, believe in yourself,
Don't let them take
Your freedom,
It's with you till the end.
Believe in yourself.

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