Earthling Songtext
von WookieFoot

Earthling Songtext

I'm an earthling and you're a earthling
And we're evolving now so we all sing
That I'm an earthling and you're a earthling
I see a beautiful new day dawning

We got to battle the alienation
Help the people isolated by division
Come to remind them that it's all collaboration
And smash all the self imposed prisons
No more solitary confinement
See the light being split by the prism
But we can get it all back into alignment
Oh people of the Earth please listen!

Cause we're down to Earth
We're down to Earth
So dig your toes in the dirt
'Cause it all comes down to Earth

An alien is just a human being alienated
With their hearts and mind separated
And their nature devastated
Coming with a planetary invasion
Earthlings rise against the alien-nation

I'm a terrestrial being and not the extra kind
And I can see all the pollution so I must remind
That the only way possible to make it all sustainable
Is that we recognize that our fates are tied

The Earth is not given to you by your parents
It is loaned to you by your children
The Earth is not given to you by your parents
It is loaned to you by your children's children

To all my Nature Freaks... To all my Freaks of Nature...
Everybody that you see is an Earthling
And all the animals and trees are Earthlings
And even though that we know that they can't speak
Make a choice for the voiceless, everybody sing...

You can try, you can try, to build it wide, to build it high
But you'll never move faster than the speed of Earth

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